Dolls — Friends for ever

If you think of a child, along comes the thought of a doll.. childhood is incomplete without dolls.

Do you remember your doll? It could have been made of wood, fabric,; porcelain or anything else.

Whatever it’s made of, a doll is everyone’s best friend.

I would love to write about my most favorite doll but I have saved it for another day.

World Doll day is around the corner and so here is some interesting doll talk from around the world.

Talking dolls have always been a kid’s dream and few kids get to possess them. Here’s something about a talking doll that I read recently.

A robot doll named ChihiraAico welcomes customers in Mitsukoshi, Japans’s oldest department store chain. Isn’t that awesome? How far have we come..Really!!

It is marvelous to be in the age of talking robot dolls that would gradually do what humans do.

All of us know that children, especially girls love to have a large collection of dolls and take pride in showing off their wonderful collection to their friends.

But have you heard about the International Doll museum?

Would you believe that there are more than 6500 exhibits with dolls from over 85 countries across the world collected in the Doll Museum which was set up by cartoonist Shri. Shankar Pillai.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the dolls from UK, America, Europe, Japan, Spain, Srilanka, Thailand and our own Indian costume dolls.

There is also a clinic for “sick” dolls there where rare deteriorating dolls are treated and restored.

If you would like to know more about doll museums across the world, check out

Next we move on to the Valley of Dolls, the village of Nagoro in the Iya Valley, Japan. 65 year old Ayano Tsukimi returned to her hometown after a decade to find only a few dozen people living there.

When she made a doll that would resemble her father, she got the idea of recreating all the people who had once lived in the village, who died or departed from there. The dolls look very natural in their surroundings and not creepy at all and are found in deserted schools, homes and fields, bus stops and everywhere else.

There are only 37 people in the village which now has over 350 dolls.

What a wonderful loving way to bring back memories of those who lived around her.

Did you know facts about dolls:

  • Teddy bear is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • The oldest doll hospital is in Lisbon, Portugal founded in 1830.
  • Fear of dolls is called “pediophobia”
  • The Russian nesting dolls or the Matryoshka set are made of wood and are one of the best gifts associated with Russia today.
  • The greatest number of dolls, is one Matryoshka set of 72. Is’nt that awesome?
  • The most expensive doll in the world is the L’Oiseleur (the bird trainer) worth 6.25 million dollars.
  • For those who are passionate about dolls, collecting and educating others about dolls, there is a website to check out —

Let’s now talk about the World Doll day celebrated on the second Saturday of June. The day is not owned by anyone — club or person. There’s a lot you can do on the World Doll day apart from sales, seminars, doll shows and doll related activities.

Many people have celebrated the day by giving a doll to someone — a child or an adult.

Let’s remember how our dolls have given us the best moments and been our pillars of strength and support through a rough patch.

Let’s try to bring in happiness in a kid’s life by gifting a doll or sharing one.

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