I am Nester, not the jester.

Hello everybody,
I am Nester, the dhobi’s donkey.. and I am here to share a few things about me and my friends.
Nothing is more adorable than a little donkey with a sweet face, long tail, furry coat and long ears.So here we go..
1. Call us by the right name please!!
Did you know a donkey is the smallest member of the horse family? The correct name for a male donkey is jack and that of a female donkey is jenny.
2. Have you seen a donkey standing alone and looking sad?
Yes, you are right. Donkeys are very affectionate animals and love to be with people. Without companions, they get depressed. Get us at least few goats as friends. We hate to be alone.
3. I just heard what you said!!ha ha… that’s so funny..ee..aww..ee..aww
A donkey’s hearing is much better than a human or even a horse. Donkeys are very curious too. On hearing the slightest sound or seeing something unusual, a donkey pricks his ears in that direction.
4. Would you like to join??
Skin care is very important to donkeys. We love to “dust bathe” by pawing the ground with our forefeet and then roll in the bare earth along with our friends. Isn’t that fun?
5. Bray-say:
Have you heard someone saying — Hey, don’t sing… donkeys would start braying. Actually it’s a response sound of a donkey to a high pitched sound.
The “eee..aaw” is the sound made by a donkey inhaling and exhaling breath instantly
A domestic donkey simply brays because it likes to, or to call for food, in answer to another bray, or when separated from a herd. It’s our way of saying hello… or when we are in distress and also to communicate with each other.
Well that’s our language!
6. Did you say “BOO”?
You cannot easily frighten a donkey. Neither can you force a donkey to something that he is not interested in. Donkeys have an undeserved reputation for stubbornness; it’s to be appropriately said that donkeys are more cautious and once a donkey has decided the situation is unsafe, no amount of human compulsion can change a donkey’s mind. Horses run away when frightened, donkeys freeze and don’t run.
7. Donkeys have amazing memory.
Strong and intelligent, donkeys have an incredible memory too. We can recognize other donkeys, animals or even areas we have travelled upto 25 years ago.
Hmm…. I can remember hearing the teachers in school tell kids — “Don’t be as stubborn as a donkey.”
8. Thank you Donkey Sanctuary: .Donkeys are the most lovable, beautiful animals but uncared for. Thousands of donkeys are neglected, abused or abandoned all over the world.
We are grateful to the Donkey Sanctuary founded in Dr. Elisabeth Svendsen in 1969 in United Kingdom that saves donkeys all over the world, gives them lifelong care.
9. Babysitting and therapy: Donkeys are wonderful companions for children and handicapped people because of their thoughtful and affectionate nature. Except under exceptional cases, donkeys do not bite or kick and are very patient and best suited to be around children and to be used in riding programs for handicapped people.

10. Lucky charm: Did you know that donkeys are considered lucky? But why do they say that the first thing in the morning, you see a donkey’s face, the day is going to be very lucky for you.
I think that’s because we are very patient, affectionate and also hard working. We have all the good qualities that any human being would be proud of.
Here after whenever you see any donkey, just remember all this about us and never make fun of a donkey. Friends treat friends well.
We are friends, are’nt we?

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