Sarda Mohan

Aug 26, 2021

3 min read

I forgive, because I deserve peace.

keep calm and stay happy most of the time, but the present day has made me discover another positive trait of mine and I am excited to share about it.
It’s a sunny day with streets clean and quiet for about 2 months now. No one is driving, honking, shouting, banging their vehicles into each other

I thought of all those animals that get killed due to someone speeding their car or truck and recklessly running over them.

Who would speak for the mute? Every time an animal geta hurt, or is ill-treated, I feel so flustered, unable to control my emotions and how I wish I could let humans know what harm they are causing.

Now cut to the present.. since two months, I see animals moving around freely, even in cities as if they owned the roads and parks and garden.

Suddenly, I feel like munching a mango. Aren’t you also tempted to tuck into that juicy golden summer gift?

I am definitely going to stroll now, unmindful of the game these stray dogs play.

I am in a forgiving mood, may be because of the quiet around me.And maybe, it is time to forgive humans too.

You must be wondering who I am. And if it is indeed possible for someone to have such carefree thinking.

You would have definitely seen have one or more of my family members during your walks or near temples, sadly even near garbage dumps. We are all supposed to belong to a family that’s held in high regard and even worshipped by many in our country.

Let me break the suspense.

I am one of the cows in your city. I am black and white and young, I yield milk and also keep up with the trends in vogue, though many of my kind are shy, traditional and silent. Just for fun, I sometimes sport sunglasses and pretty hats, etc…

OK, I think that’s enough of that.

Let’s move on to what’s on my mind right now.

Like I said, the streets are so empty and clean that I could snatch a cow nap fearlessly, right in the middle of a national highway!

Now all I need is grass, a shady place, and maybe a milkshake which I can make with the mangoes(that the humans would otherwise have plucked by now and would never bother to leave a piece for us)and milk,
May be, I will shift to a grassy plot near the national highway. I can even brag about it to my friends and upload a profile picture of me chilling, on MooTwitter!

It is good that humans are locked up in their homes. The air smells crisp, the sites are clear and my eyesight is brighter!

Humans.They are the ones who have illegally occupied our homes, deprived us of food, feasted on our flesh, sold us to make huge money.But now, they can’t even step outside of their homes.

And yes, now I do feel sorry for them. They must be watching us roaming freely o from their windows. I know how hard it is when freedom is curtailed. You feel so uncomfortable and it’s painful.

Maybe hunans will stop and think.

I am feeling peaceful now.. I am sure most of the other animals must be feeling the same at this moment. Maybe we will all forget and forgive humans for the unkind ways they have treated us.

Now I am pretty sure that nothing bad can happen (except that one of the mangoes I grab turns out to be so sour that my teeth will shake like tectonic plates).

Bye for now! I am going to search for sweet mangoes.

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