Raju was standing near the window watching the rain. His parents had gone to visit a sick relative in the
hospital and had not yet returned. Soon it would be dark. Raju was a brave boy and he had decided to
stay back at home alone and finish his homework.
Suddenly Raju could hear a whining noise outside the window. He peeped out to see a small puppy who
was drenched in the rain and shivering in cold. He also noticed that the puppy had a bleeding paw.
Raju felt sorry for the puppy. Quickly he got an umbrella and went out to pick up the puppy. He brought
him inside and wiped him dry with his towel and rolled it over his paw. Raju was getting to feel scared as
the puppy was looking so weak and tired. He did not know what else he could do to help him.
He prayed that his parents would come home soon. The roads were blocked because of the heavy rain
and this frightened him even more. When would his parents return? It was getting darker and he was all
alone with the puppy. He fed the puppy with some biscuits and he prayed to God that his parents return
home soon and safe.
When he was saying his prayers, he heard the doorbell ring..He rushed to open the door after he heard
his mom’s voice. He hugged his parents and was relieved to see them. He told them how he had prayed
for their safe return.
He then took them inside to show them the puppy. His father immediately got his first aid box to treat
the puppy’s wound.
Raju and his father waited for the rain to stop. They then took the puppy to a pet doctor who stayed
close by. Raju thanked God for answering his prayers.

His parents allowed him to keep the puppy at home. His prayers were answered and he also got a new friend.
So kids, whenever you feel something is difficult, don’t panic. Pray and you will find a solution to your problems.
“Ask and you will receive” is what God says. Always remember that “Prayer can do wonders.”

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