Sarda Mohan

Aug 13, 2021

1 min read

Science for Peace

Our world is filled with surprises.

It’s a blend of the good

​ and the bad.​

We can find both side by side

In the wheel that decides the fortune of life.

Where there is love of art and culture

Sweet music to hear and dance too,

Science and computers make it charming

Life that is fun but challenging.

Spaceships and bullet proof homes

​Satellites​, ​space ships and digital cameras,

Robots that fly, dive and

​answer your call!​

The touch of a button can do it all!​


When we

​apply​ it right,

Keeps away agonies, fights

​ and fears,​

Gives us ​a world of strength and ​peace​​,​

helps us cope and wipe all tears!

Let us tap the sun, wind and waters,

Bring in light and knowledge that matters.

Forgotten ​will be​ dark yesterdays,

As we wake up to brighter tomorrows.

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