Once there was a family called “ The Scents”. They did not want to work and were too lazy to even scrub themselves clean. They were completely the opposite of good scents.

Each one wanted the other to pick up things, cook, wash or clean. All they did in an entire day was squabble over something or the other.

It so happened that they did not have a good supply of milk and eggs in the house because no one wanted to go out and get them.

They sat down to talk.
After almost half a day of discussing, blaming and yelling at each other, they finally decided that they needed a farm big enough to fit their family home along with a few cows and chicken.

Then they would never fall short of their needed supplies of milk and eggs. Maybe they could also work in the farm, but who actually would do the work, still remained open for discussion.

They saved up every penny they could in over a year and finally the day came.

They went to the market to find the best cows, goats and hens. It was like a long procession to the market, but a noisy one.
They could not decide exactly what they would buy.

Just as they reached the market, they came upon an idea that everyone could accept. They would first get one cow, one goat and four hens.

First, they bought a cow and a goat.

There was still some money left.

Now what could they buy?
A few chocolates for the kids or save it for another day?

They started arguing again.
“ Maybe save it for another day” was what got the higher votes.

But as they were about to leave the market, they saw a poultry vendor who had healthy chicken.

“Oh.we have completely forgotten to buy the chicken”, one of them exclaimed.

The Scents’ kids saw a rooster with one big eye and he looked quite interesting. They were too excited to get him but who would want a big eyed rooster.

They looked at the price tag and realised it costed only half of what they had. Maybe they could buy the hens later.

They begged and pleaded till they got to buy the rooster. They named him Captain Telescope. They believed that one big eye made him see things that were very far.

Of course, they were right.

Captain Telescope’s bigger eye could see very clearly and far away, so he became the guard rooster who would keep an eye on whoever entered their house or barn during the day and night or when the Scents were away or both.

It was fun having Captain Telescope around. His loud crowing woke them all early everyday, kept them active and kept the goats and cow right in their place. Captain Telescope seemed to understand that he was entrusted with some big responsibility of being there.

One night, it so happened that two thieves entered the farm. Captain telescope who was always alert, crowed loud enough to stun the thieves and wake up the Scents.

They gathered together in no time and surrounded the thieves who could barely escape amongst all the commotion. They begged for mercy and told the Scents that they had decided to steal as they were very poor and needed money to feed their families.

And guess what, they even offered them to help the Scents in the farm and house, an offer the Scents could not refuse.

The Scents had given up their laziness, and also could help someone in need.
And the alert Captain Telescope got famous in the whole village. Now that is a happy ending.

Originally published at http://charukriti.org.

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