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Sarda Mohan
3 min readAug 26, 2021


“Can we have ice cream tonight?” the twins asked in a chorus.
Most of the time, it really felt like we had no other choice but to say yes.

I am Tara, mom of the adorable 6 year twins I just introduced ..Sameer and Ankur and let me add that it’s not the first time we made the decision to go for a midnight icecream.

It was one of those Saturday nights when the summer heat became so unbearable that in spite of having a relaxed afternoon, playing board games while sipping homemade milkshakes, coconut water, scooping watermelon while bravely watching a crime thriller, the boys still felt they could not go to bed without icecream and their dad Ramesh agreed because that’s what he normally did.

Instead of taking a walk, Ramesh decided that we would drive down to the icecream parlour though it was just a block away.
The kids usually kept babbling on the way, but today, they seemed quieter than usual.
Maybe they are just sleepy, I thought.

While we waited at the signal closer to the parlour, a cat that jumped off the roof of a car parked close by, broke the silence.
Meow, thud, pow, kaboom, crash..the boys giggled.

Now what is all that about? I was really amused.

“We are just practising Mummy” Sameer’s answer made me even curious.
The boys knew my knitted eyebrows meant they better be clear about whatever it was.

“Mummy it’s something new that we learnt in school yesterday”. Ankur began.
“And we are going to learn a new word everyday.”

“Yes”.. I was waiting for him to continue.

“Ms. Reva taught us about onomatopoeia.” Sameer joined in.

It was sheer silence in the car for a few seconds.. did we hear it right?

Ramesh always acted confused when the kids came up with something like this. Whether it was for real, or he was just amused, I never did know.

Sameer knew from my looks that I was oblivious to whatever they were talking about.

As if sensing I was going to pick my phone, Sameer turned to his twin.
“Ankur, she is going to Google it” and the boys began to giggle.

With a sheepish grin, I glanced at their amused faces.. “ Ok you caught me. Now if you can please spell it out and talk about it, me and dad would love to hear.

Yes, Yes” Ramesh joined in.

“ When we were 6 yrs old , did we even know anything these two talk about, Tara? Aahhh.. I feel like I never went to school” Ramesh said in a low tone as we parked outside the ice cream parlour.

Onomatopoeia is a word that suggests the sound it describes” Ankur began, while Sameer continued..like boom, splash, bang, thud, meaow, pow
“Oops..now, now” I tried to slow them down.

“Ahh.. you just used one Mummy.” Sameer squealed excitedly.
“ Oops is an onomatopoeia word?” I queried.

“Huh..what are you saying?”Ramesh was puzzled.
“Now daddy, you got one too..Huh”

“Wow..Is it? We always use them, but never know what they are called.” Ramesh nodded as I told the kids.
“You really taught us something new”.

There you said it again.Wow is an onomatopoeia word too.”

As they had their icecreams, the boys discussed how we, their mom and dad were fast learners.
Suddenly it was hushhush between the two.
“They really seem to know a lot of them, Ankur. Do you think they must be secretly attending Ms. Reva’s class? “ Sameer was telling Ankur.
Ramesh and I acted as if we did not hear them.

On the way back home, Ramesh stopped at a book store and returned with a gift bag for each of them and one for me. The boys were more curious to open mine and they held it up for me to see.
It was a dictionary.
“Time for some serious learning Tara. We have not one, but two teachers to answer to” Ramesh laughed.

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