Would you take me to a museum?

Museum — well, the very word means fascinating. Does’nt it?

Who does not love visiting a museum? We decided to visit the museum in Chennai well before the summer vacation because that would obviously mean lesser crowds. We chose a Friday because it would help us keep away from a crowded museum in the weekend.

We bought the tickets and were too excited to explore what we would find there under those roofs that spoke of how much the world has changed over the ages.

This is not in any particular order but I would like to share the interesting exhibits that we happened to witness in the museum.

Let me begin with the painting exhibits. It was just “wow” and “wow” all over the painting gallery. Paintings in all mediums — oil, acrylic, water colour, graphics and other forms were displayed and were simply marvelous. The paintings in Tanjore, Rajput, Mughal forms were splendid and we were lucky enough to see Raja Ravi Verma’s original paintings. These are National Treasures and getting to see them is itself a blessing.

We next moved onto the Rock and Cave gallery where we felt like we were in the natural atmosphere in caves witnessing the rock sculpture and artwork done there. They had replicated rock and cave art from various original sites under a single roof.

Coin collection has been a great hobby among kids and adults alike. Whoever is passionate about coin collection would love to see the coin collection in the museum, that is the numismatics gallery which has coins ancient, medieval and modern. All minute details can be seen on those copper, lead, silver, gold, potin and bullion on display.

One another hobby which is widely popular is stamp collection. The Chennai Museum holds the first Philatelic gallery in India. This gallery has stamps from all over the world. Isn’t that something really to be proud of?

The plant section had specimens of plants of all varieties. On display were not only preserved herbariums, there were also wet specimens and photographs. There were various exhibits classified according to the uses of plant material to man.

The zoological section had a similar display of the families of the animal kingdom and the evolution of life forms over time.

In the Geology section, we saw the real samples of minerals and ores brought in from various parts of India. Silver, gold, various ores, gemstones, building stones, coal, lignite, ceramics etc were eye-catching.

Now comes the favourite section of the museum — The Children’s Museum. A fountain that runs of solar power and water pumping unit operated by a windmill is a welcome feature in the children’s museum. The fibre glass models of Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus are mindblowing and leave you awe-inspired.

We get to see various items on display that relate to the various civilizations, their history and how it has inspired research and study.

We fell in love with the costume doll section which had cute dolls dressed in statewise costumes. We also had an enjoyable time watching the realistic miniature models of animal evolution and transportation over the centuries.

Many specimens of handicrafts, pottery, jewels, weapons and various other interesting stuff from archaeological sites give an insight into the culture and social living in the past.

The past comes alive in front of your eyes and its mesmerizing.

It was a highly informative and useful visit. It was a real help to acknowledge and appreciate the greatness of our cultural heritage .

A museum visit is an experience to learn in a fascinating way in a stimulating environment which is far away from a classroom. We get to learn a lot that books do not teach us.

That night when I went to sleep, I was still walking through those exhibits in my dream.

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