Yoga with cats — Learn to be cool

Sarda Mohan
2 min readAug 27, 2021


Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

Reema will be here in 10 minutes dear. Till then, close your sleepy little eyeballs. Just relax.Reema’s mom Tina had a voice so soothing, yes, just like my mom’s and I found myself drifting off to sleep. I am Jia working as a scientist in the City Science Lab for the past 2 years. I sit at my desk all day peering into my computer researching and writing my notes and doing calculations, and am quite stressed all the time.
When Reema, my colleague invited me to her home, I reluctantly agreed. I never made an effort to socialise.

I had almost forgotten where I was when a voice woke me up , “ Everybody, this way please.”

It was Tina Aunty. A group of people were following her hurriedly into the nearby room. Suddenly there were giggles, squeals and laughter. Unable to control my curiosity, I followed and took a peek.

Atleast a dozen cats were wandering all over the room as the group was still giggling while trying to settle on yoga mats.. The cats instantly scurried towards the mats, while a few sat down close by to observe as Tina Aunty taught yoga poses to the group. Some cats were even doing basic stretching poses while others curiously went from one person to another.

Reema hadn’t come yet, so Tina Aunty invited me to join the group.

It seemed strange but it was extremely relaxing that cats were there in a yoga class that went on for 40 minutes.
During the final resting pose, Savasana, it was the cutest thing to watch a cat sleeping on my chest.

What a win- win situation.
Yoga is all about lowering stress levels and flexibility, the added perks here are a little more fun and relaxation without the need to get the poses perfect, just stretch and “ be cool” like a cat. Cats believe in “living in the moment “at all times and that is exactly what Yoga is about.

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